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On the 11th of January 2011, I went into the studio with three friends to make some music. Mark Henman on drums, Dave Orr on guitar and Ant Aggs on keys. The plan we had was simple: Improvise. So, with the help of master engineer Dave Neil, we set out to invent some music.

Tropical cyclone Tasha was wreaking havoc around Queensland, and the Brisbane based studio was under siege from the rising water levels. We were recording "La Nina" when we got the nod from Dave to pack up and get the sandbags out. We made it out in time and the studio survived its close call with Tasha.

I moved to Melbourne shortly after, and in the process the hard drive with the recording sessions on it ended up in a box somewhere. I had every intention on editing and releasing it, but the first year came and went as I found my feet in Melbourne town. Then my wife had our daughter Leni and there went the second year! I finally got around to doing some editing and 6 months later I was ready for mixing. Angus Woodhead from Woodhead Studios did a fantastic job of mixing this project and I'm grateful for his hard work and expertise. Dave Neil (Refined Mastering) lent me his ears, mastering and engineering the album. Here we are, finally ready to present our creation, INVENTION VOLUME 1.

I'm offering INVENTION VOLUME 1 as a FREE digital download. You'll notice a donate function at checkout where you are more than welcome to pay what you think it's worth.

Enjoy the music!